“Square Credit Card Reader Review for Farmers Markets”

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customer services sucks they hang up on me twice they are holding alot of my money for 90 days and they don’t have a reason why its like them getting there paychecks hold for 90 days how would they like it they won’t even talk to my lawyer they hang up on him what they are doing is not ok i think we all should open a class act law suit the problem is they have no manager when asked to talk to one they hang up on u I am done with company but i am not down with put a law suit on them they should shut this company down
Simple stuff here – it is a very, very high risk credit card transaction. The buyer has up to 90 days for most banks to dispute the transaction. So if anything at all went wrong with that car, all he had to do it call his credit card company and claim misrepresentation on your end. The credit card company claws the funds back from Square and if Square can’t claw it back from you, they eat $4,000. Bottom line is you only accept a cashiers check when you sell something like a car. If they can’t give you a cashiers check, run away very fast from the transaction. If the buyer says he “has” to use his credit card, I’d tell him to get a cash advance and bring me a cashiers check.
Does anybody know how to get the account unlocked. I changed the password snd every time I go to use it says I have tried too many times and to wait ten minutes. I have been waiting about 8 hours with no luck. Sent email but no response.
I have been reading all these messages, and I too do not know what to do. We have had a landscaping company since 1991, and this is the first time we have had anyone (including banks) hol our money for 30 days. It is causing a great hardship for our business, and five families that were counting on this check. A lawsuit sounds like the only way to get some attention from this so called business. If anyone starts a class action lawsuit please post something, I wouldn’t know where to start. I’m sure the love to target honest people, that work hard to end meet..
CHOOSE AN ALTERNATIVE!! i would stay away from square if you own a small business and need to accept credit cards from your clients. The customer service although very nice, very unhelpful. They kept the money owed to my company for over a week asking me to jump through hoops only to deny the requested transaction. I would look for alternative sites, let any other entrepreneurs know if an alternative is available they should go that route or it will end up costing more in the long run.
I checked out square online and how they pay.. 24hrs, right? No!!! And when I called the acknowledged that they advertise that but if I checked my user aggreement that they have the right to hold my money. My account was current and correct.. or so I thought.. then I used it.. now I have to verify everything under the sun. Information they shouldnt be asking for. And when I ask how long 1-2 business days… its been 3days… if I call .. one to two days. The operators cant access anything, cant help at all.. they cant connect you to anyone that can.. ask tospeak with a manager… can you believe they dont have one… they could make 191.00 off me overnight or they can hold my money for weeks.. I dunno.. two toes down for the poorly developed Square.
Flint accounts tend to be more stable, and since there is no added hardware there less chance of malfunction. Flint doesn’t have all of the point-of-sale features that Square has, but what they do have tends to work very well the vast majority of the time.
But after interviewing 30 merchants and small-business owners, we found that transparent pricing, customer service, and a range of useful equipment options were consistently the qualities that our experts craved, regardless of business size or type. And our top picks deliver on these qualities, while offering additional perks that will appeal to a handful of niche needs.
We are a farm and have a large pick-your-own operation. We were using old sharp registers and a store-and-forward CC machine. Last season we tried Square with a 4G hotspot and really liked it. We loved the offline mode since the 4G wasn’t perfect. Not having offline capability is almost a deal breaker.We read all the horror stories about funding holds and account freezes, but never had an issue and the support was amazing. We could get someone on the phone within an hour or less. I’m wondering if a lot of these stories are actually merchants not running a business properly and not Square’s fault either that or Square’s account stability has improved drastically. If account stability is no longer an issue how long until they are given an all clear? Any company can make mistakes and experience growing pains in the past – what is currently happening in the present should be what matters most from a review prospective.One question I have with Square is that if our sales are too high for CC companies to not require a merchant account… we do about 1,200,000 in sales and over 100,000 with Visa. Would Visa require us to have a merchant account once we pass 100,000?Square is PERFECT for us since we are high volume with average ticket being only $12. If it works for WholeFoods and Starbucks I don’t see why we couldn’t use it if their sales are obviously way way higher. I did talk to Square about setting up a higher level account (for direct customer service / stability) and they said they do if your sales are over a certain amount.
  Although Square hit the market with an unencrypted card reader, the company has since cleaned up its act and both Square and PayPal Here are serious about security and fraud prevention. Both companies provide encrypted card readers and other security and fraud protection features. Both companies also offer EMV chip card capable readers, adding another layer of security.
Common Sense Journalism   Yes, I do seminars and consulting. Among those I have worked with are the SNPA Traveling Campus, S.C. Press Association, N.Y. Press Association, Georgia Press Association, Mississippi Press Association, Virginia Press Association, Landmark Community Newspapers, American Copy Editors Society, Society of Professional Journalists, Lancaster (S.C.) News, The (Rock Hill, S.C.) Herald, The (Sumter, S.C.) Item, the Internal Revenue Service and the Social Security Administration. Contact me for more information.
Square is terrible! They have no customer service! Their website says they respond to emails within 24 hours – this is just a bold faced lie. They are holding my money – which has not met their amount criteria for holding funds – just because, evidently, they can. I have sent mulitiple emails and attempted to reach a human at their support number 415-375-3176. They don’t respond or seem to care about their customers. I have used square for all my business for two years and I have now switched to GoPayment, where a real person answers the phone. Run from Square!!!!
As of today, stay away from square. I recently had 2 transactions where square automatically deducted funds for the 1st transaction and refunded the buyer. Nothing i can do. The 2nd dispute was today, after a customer complained 5 months later. Luckily square gives you a heads up, that they will deduct your account to refund the buyer. because of this, i called and shut down my bank account today that’s attached to square. I will not allow buyers to rip me off. Square won on the 1st transaction, but will lose on the 2nd, as there is no bank account. This proves that square offers zero protection for it’s sellers. I strongly suggest you stay away.
I am glad you have had positive experiences with Square. You are one of the few people that I have heard that from. I know no one who consistently runs large transactions that has had NO problems at all.
THE CRIMINAL AND FRAUDULENT EMPIRE OF SQUARE, INC. MERCHANT SERVICES Solid sources report that Square, Inc. credit card merchant services, located at 1455 Market Street, Suite 600, San Francisco CA 94103 is being investigated upon information and belief by the Securities and Exchange…
Square is a rip off!!! I am a small business that is very new. I started using square until I could get an actual merchant account. Square is currently holding over $3000.00 of my heard earned money even after I received an email stating my account would NOT have any limits or holds. In my own ignorance I ran $3000 in sales after being told there would be No holds or limits. Then the next day I received another email telling me that my funds are now be held for a minimum of 90 days. This is crippling my company. I am going to the attorney generals to file a claim. I’m also interested in a class action against square but not sure where to start. If any one else is interested or knows where to begin for a class action please reply below. By the looks of all the comments I’ve read on the Internet I’m sure there’s more than enough people to start one. Let’s stop this fraudulent activity!!! Even if they have any legitimate reason to hold our money, we should at least earn interest on our money!!! This is bs.
It’s definitely a hassle, but my overall experience dealing with chargebacks has been more positive than that. I have had to deal with AMEX and MasterCard directly for in-store transactions, and was able to successfully fight off a chargeback.
Based on what you’ve seen from BBB complaints, if your account is suspended, you may be able to get reinstated if you provide the necessary documentation. This doesn’t always happen, however. Some merchants encounter holds, then provide the information Square requests for verification purposes only to receive a termination notice.
I did finally get my money but, it was because there was no way for them to hold it without facing criminal charges from the state contractors license board. All monies paid to a contractor in the state of California are monies in Trust. Meaning they cannot be used, transferred or held in any manner until the contracted work is substantially completed for the amount being paid. This is a serious matter in the state of California. However Square already had this info from me last year. They were just holding the funds as long as they could until I complained. They released them immediately when I finally got through. They knew, they just hold money as long as possible. I feel for those of you who have no such leverage on them. They clearly are using your money for investment vehicles. It is a smart play on their part, although an immoral and hurtful action without any regard for the people they damage. When you contact them FINALLY, they couldn’t care less what hardship they are creating. We have trashed all there equipment now. As I stated before, we ran ten dollar transactions and swiped them, then five minutes later tried to swipe the card for the actual payment of 3-5 thousand dollars and it would not swipe. In our test the manually entered transaction sailed through. This is not some glitch or system error, it is a pre-programmed intentional action developed and fostered by Square. They are probably one of the most dishonest and thieving companies on the internet that isn’t based in Nigeria. IN my opinion everyone who needs to do transactions over $800.00 per should cancel them immediately. YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR MONEY FOR 30-60 DAYS. NO WAY!!!
Not realizing what a problem this might cause, I had paid off the credit card transaction three days after making it. Now American Express (an investor in Square, by the way) says that there is nothing that they can do for me because, by paying off the debited amount, I “authorized the transaction in full”.
“Our Account Services team has concluded a review of your account and has determined it to be high risk. For security purposes, we have elected to deactivate your account. From the date of this letter forward, you will not be able to process transactions.
It is virtually impossible to get customer service from Square. As an all-volunteer non-profit PTA, we need to be confident that our fundraising income is safe and that we can get assistance if we have a problem. $3,000 in fundraising income was missing, and I was unable to get any meaningful assistance. They do not have a phone number for customer support, and I’m not sure if the email replies were generated by a human or a computer. This was a deeply frustrating waste of time, and our organization will no longer use this service. We are switching to the mobile payment service provided by Quickbooks.

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