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The free Square Dashboard app works in sync with Square Point of Sale and lets you view your live sales data in seconds. You can access powerful analytics, and easy tools to help you track and improve your business.
QuickBooks GoPayment mobile credit card processing offers 2 fixed-rate price plans. At a glance, GoPayment seems cheaper than other flat-rate options, like Square, but the 25¢ per-transaction fee quickly adds up in certain sales scenarios. We run the numbers for you below.
Pay pal is located in my hometown Omaha, NE 1-402-935-2050, or 1-888-221-1161. I never really had a problem with getting a hold of anyone, however, I am so glad I love to read. I was going to get the pay pal here, but I will be doing direct on the spot sales, so I really can’t and won’t wait forever to get my money, you get your goods, I get my money real simple, they will know as soon as they see the product if they want to buy it, so what do you do in this situation?
My corporation was opened in 2001. Never had any complaint as we only charge after our service was finished and accepted by clients. I used Square for 2 years when I receive an email that they got a complaint. I found out from the amount who the client was and I called them. They never complained. They felt so bad that they sent a certified letter to Square and went to their bank to make sure the founds are released to Square. The founds were at Square. They could not reach anybody on the phone.I could not reach anybody on the phone. Nobody picks up the phones at Square. My clients sent a certified and notarized letter to Square to release the founds to me. Nothing happened. On 4/2012 Square wrote:”We are committed to responding by the next business day, so you will hear back from us soon. We take all matters regarding your funds very seriously, and with your cooperation we anticipate a quick resolution of your case. ” This was in the spring of 2012.After all these I received an email from Square that they cancel my account ” Your business is a prohibited business, as defined by Section 6 of the Square Seller Agreement. Therefore, Square cannot accept payments related to your business. ” I am a business analyst working with algorithms. What is prohibited on that? Our business has a 14 year A+ reputation. We pick up the phone when clients call, not like Square. Now 1/2015 I received back from Square the $300. Over two years of investigation needed for them to determine that the notarized letter of my client was original. This company SHOULD BE INVESTIGATE. They make you comfortable and they hit you when you do not expect. A business attorney advice us to close our bank account and open in a new bank as he was representing other clients where substantial amounts disappeared from their accounts. Be aware. A good business is not afraid to talk-to customers. Call them. You will see with your own eyes. There are other reputable companies providing the same services who pick up the phone. Do you really need the 100+ hours headache as I had, for no reason?
Our Law Firm had been using Square for several years then suddenly, without notice, we received a notice of immediate termination because we handle bankruptcy matters, including creditor representation. Square has apparently determined that bankruptcy representation, even of creditors, should be classified together with “escort services” and the like. We are pleased with our replacement company, which has much services and more competitive rates, however, the manner in which our firm was handled was highly unprofessional and inappropriate. I will be certain to advise all of our colleagues NOT to use Square and will be selling my stock interest in the IPO asap. Highly disappointed with Square.
I have taken 2 credit card payments.. I rarely get credit cards in my line of business but once in a blue moon I get asked to. First payment went through without a hitch and it was for a large sum of money. amount was 575.00 and they are holding for 90days. The notice said due to high risk of fraudulent activity we are canceling your account and holding your funds for 90 days.. Really What fraudulent activity I have a business license and a tax ID and have never had to give a refund… What a joke…
NEVER use Square. They will vaguely review your business and hold your money without reasoning given. When you try to inquire about your hard earned money they will block you from contacting them like children even if your inquires are informative and professional.
Square “Pay with App” has issues finding my company in the Square database. When I put my company in the search window, it displays the first 100 closest business only and mine isn’t listed, however there are businesses listed that are thousands of miles away from mine. Also, there are companies listed that have no match to my search criteria. There is no mechanism for sorting by distance or alphabetical by company name. Although I like the flat-rate model, the overall product is very weak. I can see why it receive a “C” rating.
According to this page all that you need is an Internet connection, which includes WIFI. And you are correct that Square does not support Android tablets, according to their website. You might also want to consider GoPayment if you are accepting credit cards on a regular basis. They have an additional account type that suits higher volume merchants better.
I was sold on Square by their very smooth sales tactics. What i was not informed about was how they HOLD YOUR MONEY FOR 30 DAYS!!!! This is absolutely ridiculous. No word on anything like this when your signing up. Plus it says they will deposit the first $1000.00 within 36 hours TOTALLY FALSE INFORMATION!!! IT HAS BEEN 20 DAYS AND STILL NO DEPOSIT.
There are a number of reasons why you may not be able to sign in. Resetting your password is the first step towards regaining access to your account. Click Forgot Password, confirm the email address used to register for Square, and follow the instructions in the email sent to that address.
We’re confident that our top picks will serve the needs of most merchants. But there’s always the chance that your needs are more specific, so we’ve listed a few runners-up below. These credit card processors performed well in all our key areas, offering with transparent pricing, helpful customer support, and a range of equipment options. Nothing about them stood out, versus the features offered by our top picks, but if you’re interested in exploring more options, the list below is the best place to start.
“When you’re trying to scale and open up new locations and have a lean and mighty team, not having to worry about payments or that the customers are satisfied is a huge thing,” he said. And, although he initially was in disbelief about the cash advance program providing capital so quickly, Wilson’s business turned to it when his first shop in Somerset, New Jersey was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy. “Square can provide capital in time of need — that’s a lifesaver and you don’t forget it. You stay loyal.” This fall, Wilson said Mr. Tod’s will be opening up new stores in Harlem, New York and Montclair, New Jersey, both of which will be using Square.
5. Transaction type: Square allows users to process payments by swiping, chip reading, contactless NFC, manual entry, or online customer entry. The most secure of these are chip reading and contactless NFC, which are both EMV-compliant payment methods. Swiping is fairly secure, but not as safe as chip or NFC. Manual entry and online sales are the least secure, and therefore the most risky. The more manually entered or online sales you have, the greater your risk of having chargebacks, account suspensions, and sudden account terminations. While Square does offer tools for online sales, phone orders, and e-invoices, the platform works best when most of your sales occur with the customer present. If your business mostly operates in a card-not-present environment, you might want to consider a provider that is more willing to accommodate the risk involved. 
Hi Tom Question. We have 3 separate business locations and will start using the square stand/register on 3 different IPads soon. The payments will be going to one bank account. Will we be able set up 3 different locations and process payments without any problems? Thanks
Square would actually be a great fit. I would also recommend looking at CDGcommerce and Helcim. Make sure you let them know that you are a non-profit organization, as all 3 will offer special rates. I hope this helps and if you have further questions please let me know.
Square deceives LLCs, corporations and partnerships into believing that their Square “business account” is a Square commercial account. But it’s not a commercial account. It’s actually a personal account, then and forever tied to the person who provided their name, address and last four digits of their Social Security number to “verify their identity” when they set up the Square account for their employer.
This was a big mistake. Do not use this guy they will rip you off. They took a deposit from me over 1000.00. They locked my account for no reason and then said they was going to deativate my account. They are holding the money for 60 days. DONT USE THEM>>
Wow! Square (which I have used for YEARS in my business) just sent me a very disturbing notification. I read reviews on the product just now and they are not good. I have thousands of dollars they need to transfer to my account that they are holding. Any suggestions (oh, BTW they only have automated responses and even FB is automated). No Customer Service. Here’s their notice: Hello Christy,
I have been using Square for 1 year now. I am an accountnt and have looked at many credit card processing systems. I do tax prepartion and thier are months with no credit card processing so monmthly fees just kill me. The price is very fair. It works well and if you are going to porcess more than $1000 per week you can work with them to get your limit increased. My only problem is the few times I have a credit card to scan I have trouble on my Ipad
It’s not a great pick with Woo for sure, but has ready integrations with starter-friendly platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce which fits a good portion of their user base. I just use PayPal with my Woo sites these days, makes life easy. Cheers! Krista
Issue that sent us over the edge- first chargeback ever happened recently. Still in dispute. Now they are holding all of our incoming funds (without warning us, of course). Our Square balance is now $2,121.25, and yet I get emails that our Square balance is negative and that they are debiting our BANK for the amount of the chargeback. Since they are holding $2k+ of our funds, why not just debit the chargeback from that? Greedy much? Also, they have done nothing to help us dispute the fraudulent chargeback against our account.
Just because you send in “documentation” does not mean you will win a chargeback. Visa, MC, AMEX, and discover all have different ways of dealing with chargeback’s. Even if you send in all of the information so that you can win the chargeback, the cardholder can still dispute it. A chargeback is initiated by a Bank or a cardholder; this has nothing to do with Square.
My company tried Square as a convenient addition to our regular merchant account for such things as trade shows and occasional outside sales. To date we have processed only small transactions ($20 each), but have been very pleased with the results. The payment has been transferred to our bank account within 2 or 3 days, which is standard for any merchant account.
In our reviews, we found that Cayan’s small business Interchange-plus plan has very low rates for businesses that process more than $10k in monthly charges. Below we list Cayan’s standard Interchange-plus rates for an on-average $10k/month seller, but based on your business type and volume, your rates can differ or even be lower. Visit Cayan to get a custom rate quote.
Fab.com has also done a ton of direct mail. I think direct mail works when you have very hard-to-reach targets online, have lots of cash to test many channels, and can laser target and track your direct mail efforts via unique URLs, sign-up codes, etc.
I have recently used the square card reader for conducting business with venders that aren’t close to where we are located, fyi they pay over the phone. It seemed to me very difficult to understand their website, it felt I was going in circles not really gaining new information anytime I clicked the help button. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to key in a card or swipe a card, yet to my surprise square withheld my funds from my company for 4 weeks and counting. Claiming I must sign up for an extended yadda yadda to receive more money. When it clearly states on the sign up or sign in page to their website, “money in account next day”. I am still lacking two thousand dollars plus change owed and its been 2 weeks since I got half of my deposit I was suppose to. With no way to have contact besides emailing which takes longer then converting a nun into a housewife. I cant wait to be paid in full to wipe my hands clean of using the square ever again for my business.

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