“Square Credit Card Reader Review Comparison”

I am beyond frustrated with Squares customer service. No way to get a person on a call. Had a disputed charge that was totally bogus. Customer said they never disputed the charge. Then Square tried to sell me some protection plan for $250. Horrible
“The thing about Square is that its biggest advantage is that it could empower SMBs to become more of a digital business,” said Brian Solis, principal analyst at Altimeter, a Prophet company, and author of X: The Experience When Business Meets Design. “Digital Darwinism knows no sides — it’s an equal opportunity disruptor. SMBs struggle with this and it’s devastating to the economy if they don’t adapt.”
Square sucks there is no way to contact them other then the bullshit email nonsupport team’ They have held my money’s since 12/28. Do yourself a favor find another company to use because square is in it for square not their clients.
If you start out at under $1000/week it should not affect you. Make sure you get a receipt sent to them via square through text or email as well as sending them an email receipt for your own protection. You can always apply for a higher no hold limit once you have a history of no chargebacks etc for when you hit that $1000/week mark. Try it out ans see how it goes is my advise 🙂
When it comes to the digital universe, PayPal has some distinct advantages — and not only because it’s been around the longest. Its convenience factor alone carries a lot of weight: “I use PayPal as my payment portal because it integrates easily with my website,” explains Shilonda Downing, founder of Virtual Work Team. “The benefits of PayPal are two fold: our clients who want to use their PayPal balance to pay us can do so with ease, and the funds in my PayPal account can be easily transferred to other business accounts.” Tim Thoelecke Jr., president of InOut Labs, a wellness testing firm that operates in both retail and commercial markets, had similar thoughts: “PayPal integrates with both my accounting software, Xero, and our e-commerce business. Workflow and avoiding double entry are important to me.”
They deactivated my account and kept the money from my client for themselves. They could at least cancel the transaction and refund my client. Or email me if there was a problem. But why bother?? Thieves!!!!!!
Im sorry that you had problems setting your account up. Unfortunately they do not tell you but most websites that deal with personal information – like your online banking, paypal, or square which has you enter your personal information in to setup an account, only keep an inactive page active for so many minutes until they time out. This is actually a security measure that is common. They do this to protect your information and make it difficult for someone to mess with your financial information. Just know that if you did have an account – its not going to be as easy for someone to hack into your account and mess with your money! Everyone is getting smarter about trying to prevent identity theft. There is security and convenience – I would rather be inconvenienced and have my data secured that a company be careless in securing my financial information. I have been using this company since they were in beta and love it. Since I set my account up a couple years ago – I have had 0 problems and I love it.
Square is holding over $1700. I just purchased a business 1 month ago and now I have no money to pay my bills. I sent in requested documentation of the validity of my business, but today I recieved e-mail stating they are holding my money for 180 day and that I cannot run any more transactions. I have several clients scheduled this week, but will not be able to collect payment. I don’t know what to do! This company has made it impossible to run my business. If anyone is reading – please advise!!!
Who was shocked when a study last year found that gay men on average earn about 10 percent more than straight ones? TV and movies insist that the typical gay guy is a fashionably equipped, mimosa-swilling city dweller. But the truth is that the study was a milestone: The comparable research before it had shown a gay wealth gap, with homosexual men lagging behind heterosexuals in wages, more likely to be on food stamps, and less likely to find a job. If gay men are, in general, richer now, it’s a new thing—and for many, “gay affluence” is still a myth.
There is no reason a financial company in 2015 has no way to call someone or get a proper response when they are holding your money. This is just straight up stealing. How can this be allowed. Horrible, horrible company
Square’s customer NO SERVICE attitude compels me to say that if I did business that way, I would be out of business! I had a $2000 hold placed on any funds collected above that amount. I objected and after many emails and phone calls, I was able to get that amount raised to $5000. In September of 2012, I had a reservation for two families in my Bed and Breakfast establishment for 8 people. Ten showed up and I was forced to move them to a much nicer location for the same price as they showed up at midnight and I just wanted to make them happy and go to bed! Two credit cards were collected from two families and later, they reversed the charges! Instead of Square backing me, they backed the client, went into my bank account and attempted to steal the funds. Ultimately, it worked out where I received payment from the clients but Square, without telling me, lowered my transaction amount back to $2000, flagged my account as “High Risk” and is holding my recent $2860 payment collected from a client!! Here is the email they sent me when I demanded that my money be placed in my account.
With Starbucks investing in square and the surge of additional capital to square there is hope they will solve the contact number issue and customer service complaints. I am hopefull that as a company square can at least notice that they have a major issue with customer service.
the thing is i was notified i could refund customers however the customers have already got the merchandise they ordered and all items are being used by said customers. they shouldn’t have to return items because we send our products all brand new, and square refuses to give our money after providing tracking for all our customers
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This means that Square, legally, does not owe you anything. It can shut you down without giving any reason whatsoever. But, despite what some complainants might assert, Square does not choose to shut down accounts by throwing darts at a wall covered in user’s names. It does so, according to its Seller Agreement, for one of three reasons:
So not only has Square done nothing so far to help me resolve these chargebacks, not only did they withdraw 100% of the funds in question from my bank account, but they also punished me for being a victim of fraud by shutting down my account without advance notice, even though I have processed hundreds of legitimate transactions with them before and since this incident.
Collecting funds from Square has proven to be a nightmare. The amount of information they require to verify the company is more than I have ever experienced. Despite providing them with latest advertising materials, specifications of our company, copies of all invoices from the show, descriptions of what we do and why we do it, to name a small few, we complied with their requests in attempts to collect our funds. The company had major concerns when asked for the last 3 bank statements from our company, confidential information that should be contained in a CDA, post tradeshow. To date, funds have not been collected and our company currently is in limbo with collecting $15,000. Square has no direct contact to any manager by phone and the response our President, Controller, Accountant and I received when requesting to speak with a manager was that she only responds in emails and would get back to us in a “few hours”, leaving our company no comfort in knowing Square had any concern over discussing this issue. The call-in number, we were told, was only for technical support and their was not direct access to any management.
I am now using Swipe, great support customer service, you call they call you back, they tell what perimeters of your account would cause a “high risk” hold of funds. Also they offer both a Merchant account and a aggravate accounts, Square only has the aggravate account system.
I’m really anxious to hear if anyone’s gotten a resolution from Square regarding an issue like this. Will they release the funds if there was a mechanical problem, or am I potentially screwed out of thousands here? Does anyone know how they’re handling faulty swipers?
With that being said I would like to see Square take a tougher stance on security. I believe they are moving that direction because they have stated that they will be issuing new dongles that encrypt the data. Not only that, they can push out updates to the to add other levels of encryption. Even without encryption, Square does a pretty good job of mitigating fraud through it’s identity verification process during the account signup. Add to that the 30 day hold for transaction volumes over $1000 within any rolling seven day period, and it is difficult for any fraudster to do much damage. In my personal experience as a former banker, consumers are at a much higher risk of being defrauded when using pin-debit cards at big box retailers because of fraudsters that install skimming devices and keyloggers on the machines.
Communication is really poor. Phone number does not work and all answers they give you if any are canned from their website. So don’t waste your time. If you can swipe a card go for it otherwise don’t.
2. Helcim: Good merchant account provider for small businesses. Great prices, very stable. You could save about 1% compared to a mobile processor. Downside: you’ll have to buy the hardware, which would be about $200 (the receipt printer is built-in). It’s a solid investment, and very reasonably priced compared to others. Monthly fee is $12.
I found another problem with having a someone else accept charges for my business. If they accidentally opened a square account outside the invitation from my business, they end up with problems using their email address. Again, there is no obvious phone support to void the one account and turn it into an addtional person taking charges for my account.
Personally, I think that if you are looking into which company to use you should see what other features they provide. I’m a Scentsy rep and I now run 100% Square because of all the options and features they offer me. I do really wish their customer support was better at times, but overall I think you get more bang for your “transaction buck” with Square.
A good inventory system gives you real-time information on what you have in stock, what’s en route, and what is selling fast. Square has all of the inventory management features you are likely to need for free if you are just starting up or trading less than $17,500 in sales per month.


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